Deploy Stratos next to KubeCF

Deploy Stratos - Web-based Console UI for Cloud Foundry - next to KubeCF

Required details

  • External Kubernetes IP
  • UAA endpoint url
  • CF admin username and password
  • CF API url

Prepare Stratos setup config

Replace <EXTERNAL_IP> by the external ip[s] of your cluster, adapt the port if required and store everything in a file, for example stratos.yml.

    externalIPs: ["<EXTERNAL_IP>"]
    servicePort: 8443

Deploy Stratos

Add the SUSE Kubernetes charts repo and deploy Stratos. Instead of the SUSE repo the Stratos chart can also be referenced from

helm repo add suse
helm install --namespace stratos --name stratos --values ./stratos.yml suse/console

Initial setup of Stratos

As soon as Stratos is deployed connect to https://: and follow the steps.

Provide your UAA Endpoint url, for example: https://uaa. (Make sure that there is no leading Slash at the end, otherwise UAA will ignore the authentication request.)

The client id is cf and the client secret stays empty.

The admin username is admin and password is the Cloudfoundry admin password. If you do not know the admin password yet, because for example it was autogenerated during the initial deployment of kubecf, it can be extracted with this command:

echo $(kubectl get secrets -n kubecf kubecf.var-cf-admin-password -o json | jq -r .data.password | base64 -d)

The next step defines which uaa group specifies Stratos admins and does not need to be changed.

After the initial setup Cloudfoundry can be added with the api endpoint url and the same cloudfoundry admin credentials.

Last modified February 28, 2020: Drop bazel references (89b4427)